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  1. legendarywifi

    Hiring (a) builder(s) and Scripter(s) (Good Pay)

    ill be yourscripter 1568245395 i am broke of robux
  2. legendarywifi

    new game out that i made

    play this game its called buildbox basically you can survive creepers kinda like minecraft still updating though hereslink for all dem compooter playerz my rbx profile 1568076724 i made this...
  3. legendarywifi

    this...... isn't good about roblox

    hey mods and members, thats proof that they are money hungry lmo
  4. legendarywifi

    hey captcinni wasn't spreading false info about the roblox is ending in 2021 i actually saw...

    hey captcinni wasn't spreading false info about the roblox is ending in 2021 i actually saw that, it probally might be a glitch im still trying to figure out what the hekc is going on
  5. legendarywifi

    ROBLOX IS ENDING IN 2021???????

    ROBLOX, A 20 year old game Filled with hillarious memes and funniest of the werid people online.... Its kinda werid that i seen this but I have firefox and it says something when i go on page info.... this is heart breaking but roblox is ending/expiring in... June 21st 2021 Ill be eleven years...
  6. legendarywifi

    this...... isn't good about roblox

    They Have Done It... They made the robux amounts way lower than normal $20 For 1700 Robux Used to be $20 for 2000 robux They are now known as HUNGRYMONEYBLOX They've just proved that they are money hungry theres no meaning to be money hungry lol
  7. legendarywifi

    Roblox is now over...

    Hey I dont know if you heard about this but, the richest roblox account has been hacked by project zorgo i know before in 2018 i said they were fake but no, they have his account (Linkmon99) Linkmon99: So why do i say roblox is now over well lets go...
  8. legendarywifi


  9. legendarywifi

    Bots were gone but there back........

    YES Jakkeriy 2 im gonna make another forum account its gonna be called SorryTari
  10. legendarywifi

    IM ON GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy moly im on google
  11. legendarywifi

    Bots were gone but there back........

    Bots were removed for a few days but once came back with there scam sites like heres some here I DONT KNOW But these bots are coming from a unknown user i dont even know who they are or what gender they are but this is just werid like they will...
  12. legendarywifi

    [B+S] Trading shaggy for orange shaggy

    yes (banned) 1544669135 yea i am special
  13. legendarywifi


  14. legendarywifi


    Hey guys back here with another forum i just wanna say guys play my game "Zombie Island" heres a link to the game my profile! so yea please donate by going into the gamepass section donate 10...
  15. legendarywifi

    Roblox Shutdown Months Ago In 2018

    ROBLOX shutdown months ago and it was really werid to see I was on work at a pizza place and then suddenly saw something above the screen that said The game creator has shutdown the game and i was CONFUSED so about a few days later i come on and the site is back up Roblox shutdown Multiple...
  16. legendarywifi


  17. legendarywifi

    [B+S] Trading shaggy for orange shaggy

    I Am Trading A Shaggy For Orange shaggy heres some links of the items shaggy wish item (Orange Shaggy) if you have the item and you wanna give it o me because i am on the lack of rap...
  18. legendarywifi


    ROBLOX is not taking down the viruses and they are not banning the bots that join games and promotes their scam links to pretty much take your account. which is horrible and i do not agree with this many people want these scammers and online daters banned but roblox dosent care why does roblox...
  19. legendarywifi

    ROBLOX Trojan Viruses Being Spreaded All Over ROBLOX?!?!?!

    i really dont know what this is right now im not scared its just you guys gotta see these models man dont insert them or buy them READ THE FORUM BEFORE BUYING ANNNNY ITEM
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  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    i have both of the 2
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    xbox 360 was 1st
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    then one bye
  • Generalissimus Generalissimus:
    Oh good
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    @rypagu425 I to have an Xbox one s, have we ever played roblox together on the xbox before?
  • kingkillx22x kingkillx22x:
    why i can t join the groupe
  • CallMeKY CallMeKY:
    @kingkillx22x what group?
  • wonderer200 wonderer200:
    @CallMeKY remember when rbxfree sponsored a thread, they advertise rf and since their payout group's been locked for months people come here thinking we know
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    Depending on what you mean, Idk what group your talking about but some on Roblox is private if you can't get it in one thats public then it could be because you have join the max amount of groups, or just what @wonderer200
  • PiForUAll PiForUAll:
    i think they are talking about rbxfree
  • T TenthSource:
    I need a professional scripter
  • PiForUAll PiForUAll:
    i'm not a scripter sorry
  • T TenthSource:
    im making a low poly map
  • PiForUAll PiForUAll:
    also if you thing this is official this is not an official forum
  • T TenthSource:
  • T TenthSource:
    where do I hire a scripter
  • T TenthSource:
    If I can get a scripter I would pay them $50
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    Robux or dollars?
  • CallMeKY CallMeKY:
    What does a scripter have to do with building a low-poly map, are you trying to work with map generation?
    CallMeKY CallMeKY: What does a scripter have to do with building a low-poly map, are you trying to work with map...