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  1. matieo33

    welp, i saw another "free robux" ad and now i hate life

    and that fake robux duh, he has almost 400K but buys cheap items lol.
  2. matieo33

    when housefly flies into your room

    trigger level 100%
  3. matieo33


    Stop promoting some random site, which probably anyways isn't true. There is no cure for diabetes, but it can go to remission.
  4. matieo33

    should I get premium?

    why not
  5. matieo33

    botted followers?

    Yes, 95% of followers are bots, I checked most of these accounts, they do have have such things like "go to and get robux" Making it 100% is the fact, that these bots were last time online 12 months ago, which means they one year ago started following him. Additionaly, I am pretty...
  6. matieo33

    Who loves roblox?

    A bit, but they are bad at owning it they could fix hashtags stop making bad, boring updates
  7. matieo33

    hi, how are you today

    hi, how are you today
  8. matieo33

    the robux icon just updated for pc

  9. matieo33

    just a new day at the mcdonalds forum 2.0

    1573481630 enjoy
  10. matieo33

    All Roblox Arsenal Codes 2019! Roblox Arsenal | November 2019

    thanks for codes
  11. matieo33

    What was the first Roblox game you played?

    The first game I have played, was McDonalds tycoon, yep really. It was popular back in, and it's still a bit popular
  12. matieo33

    Roblox Nostalgia

    In my country, when you reach 6 grade you are learning Spanish, meaning you will be knowing 3 languages: Polish, English, and spanish Actually Spanish is useless, as you can mostly communicate in such countries by using english, but in roblox nope
  13. matieo33

    Just a casual day at mcdonalds forum

    im sorry I forgot you I will make more such pictures in few days and I think you will be there
  14. matieo33

    Just a casual day at mcdonalds forum

  15. matieo33

    an interesting way to get a millions of money in jailbreak?

    Robux is worth more than jailbreak money anyways, but nothing beats real life money.
  16. matieo33

    Write something on this thread, but all of words must be linked to a site (or video,song)

    Can be songs, but please make like "that" leads to e.g "that like our world" START
  17. matieo33

    Error code 272

    Error 272 happens when a user attempts to join a game when exploit is loaded. Reinstall roblox, if won't work contact roblox support
  18. matieo33

    quitting roblox (not nonaprils)

    You did a good move by atleast playing minecraft and not noobnite, you are showing that you are a normal human with higher IQ than normal people who played noobnite
  19. matieo33

    an interesting way to get a millions of money in jailbreak?

    Possible, but you will need to spend some amount of money for that. But anyways, haha good luck getting bots. Either make own which takes long time, or buy for a lot of money. Can be a good way to earn millions, but as well risky and you can just lose money for that.
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