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  1. AnonymousTruth

    Help Me Get That Quality Content!

    Do you have any rumors, stories or gossip about Roblox/groups you want to know the truth about! I'll interview people, gather research from various sources, and give you the answer and truth you desire!
  2. AnonymousTruth

    SkullTail/Phalacat/SCP FOUNDATIONS CLAN

    This is for anyone who knows who SkullTail/Phalacat are, and are familiar with both of their foundations and personal.
  3. AnonymousTruth

    AnonymousTruth? All About Me

    Hi guys! I would like to take a moment to share why I'm here, and what my goal is. I am an anonymous Roblox player who helps give justice and spread the truth. All of my writing and stories are information that I have collected and revised regarding the original author. I mainly keep my...
  4. AnonymousTruth

    The Truth About SkullTail

    Hello everyone, I have watched recent events unfold regarding ‘SkullTail’ Owner of SCP-E on Roblox and multiple other groups and discords. I have been notified of rumors going around, now these certain rumors have gone around for years, and everyone seems to have a different story and...
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