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  1. lmmy

    yo man whats up

    people who think using an old operating system is on its own somehow unsafe are the kind of plebs who use virtual machines shut
  2. lmmy

    yo man whats up

    i installed windows xp on my laptop for the lulz because virtual machines are for losers
  3. lmmy

    decade actually ends in 2021

    semantics is lame
  4. lmmy

    Which is better

    All genres are created equal, music elitism or a genre superiority complex is massively lame.
  5. lmmy

    The Forum (Parody of "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World)

    this made me physically cringe
  6. lmmy

    What would you rather? #4

    Throw up a real challenge, like would you curb stomp a puppy for a million dollars? Or what your threshold for curb stomping puppies is, 10 million? 1 million? 100,000? 50 bucks?
  7. lmmy

    Do you approve of Cool Cat's ban?

    They were adequately warned and chose to ignore the warnings and then got an auto ban. Who the hell cares if theyre gone for a few days? lmao
  8. lmmy

    Roblox lets users start selling plugins, why not models?

    It’s way easier to steal and redistribute free models. They won’t be monetized any time soon, it would take a lot of fun out of the game for the casual newbie builder who’s just messing around and it would quickly be flooded with copybots unless it was all individually moderated. And considering...
  9. lmmy

    are older versions of roblox profiles possible?

    There will only be a way back machine archive if someone made one. There are a couple of bots that probably go around every so often to record the most popular Roblox pages but i highly doubt many user profiles would be included unless the user archived the page themselves.
  10. lmmy

    Anyone wanna be my wingman in Phantom Forces? 😳

    i tried to load it and this happened its just sorta gotten stuck like this i dont think this ancient laptop is gonna do it last time i even played this game properly i just abused the KSG into the ground with the animation stall bug, i wonder if that still works i still have that [Vet] tag from...
  11. lmmy

    Rate my gaming setup

    i am not gonna dump all over your laptop, but note that none of those mean anything that could be an i7 from 2010 and it could be from 2019 doesnt mean anything, use speccy pic related, gives a bit more information
  12. lmmy

    Rate my gaming setup

    yeah, theres absolutely no such thing as a laptop that is capable of playing videogames, every laptop on the market uses a dual core mobile celeron and 2gb of ram for sure
  13. lmmy

    What dumb thing did you do on Roblox when you first joined?

    I joined in 2008, shortly after came the feature to exchange tix for robux or Vice versa and I bought something like 2000 robux which I quickly exchanged for tix. at a 1:4 ratio...
  14. lmmy

    A good browser for ROBLOX Gaming...

    If you use anything other than pale moon you’re a noob.
  15. lmmy

    FAQ: Is Roblox safe for kids?

    Need I remind you of rage faces, the annoying orange, epic face, oldschool memes, Roblox music videos and many more things... it’s been this ******** from day one, nothing going on with Roblox today is new, kids do cringy dumb things a difference is that today a lot more younger kids are using...
  16. lmmy

    FAQ: Is Roblox safe for kids?

    it has literally always been like that except when i was a noob the chatfilter was nonexistent so you could call eachother the n-word it wasnt better before, it was the same just with less people, dont be blinded by the nostalgia goggles
  17. lmmy

    Builder for Hire!

    This man can build an entire game in a day for a cost of my 0R$ estimated revenue, amazing.
  18. lmmy

    FAQ: Is Roblox safe for kids?

    The internet as a whole is not safe for children in the slightest. Especially since children on average are as dumb as bricks. Children need to be taught how to keep themselves safe online. the problem is nobody is teaching them anymore, parents are just tossing an iPhone at a 9 year old who...
  19. lmmy

    Straight to the point

    Tldr he got shut down for being top tier cringe culture and is now farming attention I know the type They’re still going to log in and check posts every few hours until something is targeted at them just enough to make a post again. Or they will make another attention seeking post about coming...
  20. lmmy

    *funky noises*

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