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  1. kyp0k

    Testing Live

    Testing is now CLOSED! Quick test but everything works!
  2. kyp0k

    Testing Live

    Come help me test my new Wii inspired game, Rii! Everything is free and you will get some type of reward when the game releases! Tonight we are testing... - Instant messaging system! Thanks, kyp0k 1577141048 Link
  3. kyp0k

    Rii Sports Characters

    @NoobAnimatezRBLX LMAO 1576343531 @Jakkeriy Buddy, he is just happy to be here. Bullying people who are different is not cool.
  4. kyp0k

    Rii Sports Characters

    Welcome to Rii Sports! I have finished all the male characters for the game! Choose one of four for your starting character! Ladies, do not worry your characters are coming! More coming soon, kyp0k
  5. kyp0k

    Hiring a Scripter (pays)

    @PokyStuffed @ElHomburgerGuy My bad, should have clarified. - An image label that changes pictures every 5 seconds and loops - A data save that saves for multiple games.
  6. kyp0k

    Hiring a Scripter (pays)

    I am looking for a part time scripter for my game I am currently making. I can pay 25-100 robux for each script (that depending on the script.) Again, everything is negotiable and I am happy to pay extra if needed. Feel free to just shoot me a message if needed! Discord (kyp0k#6152) Or, you...
  7. kyp0k

    A year ago someone hacked himself to my friend list

    Seems like a sketchy guy yet has normal stuff like badges.
  8. kyp0k

    Rii Sports

    Yes, obviously a game just like wii in Roblox. I am really excited to bring this to the platform as I fell as if it will bring some "nostalgia" feel to the site.I am currently working on the custom avatars. Here are some details! - You will be able to customize your character from head to toe...
  9. kyp0k


    Hello, my name is nygiants819 and I like to develop games! I am currently working on a great game at the moment and I am excited to find this forum page!
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