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  1. PiForUAll

    come to my minecraft server

    name: PiCraft address: version: 1.13.2
  2. PiForUAll

    I have returned

    just as less active and more 64
  3. PiForUAll

    Posting this from a real Windows XP Laptop

    i'm serious also it's a lg x110 so don't ask i'm supprised it has wifi that works also thanks lg recovery for existing because i would not want to hunt down drivers for it I'm using a browser called mypal 1581429707 also the screen can get really bright
  4. PiForUAll


  5. PiForUAll

    i changed my pfp

    i still like wii don't worry 1577122545 also post id 44445 :D
  6. PiForUAll

    I'm posting this from a Windows XP VM

    in a browser called mypal
  7. PiForUAll

    play on hexfury's minecraft server

    it's not mine it's @Hexfury 's i created a town called packet town (yes, packet town not pallet town) ip: version: 1.14.4
  8. PiForUAll

    let's sing tnt by the caption himself captionsparklz

    i came to digg digg digg digg
  9. PiForUAll

    new pfp

    i have the black one that had the stand and gaimcube compatibility
  10. PiForUAll

    let's all start playing on hexfury's old server

    it got reset @Hexfury please see this
  11. PiForUAll

    why did history get banned

  12. PiForUAll

    so lets put clans into action

    this is random lol. post the name of a clan and also the words "joined" on your profile if you want to be in that clan: dark magic light magic space eco industrial age wii xbox playstation electro exporation and finally anything you want you can be in multible clans if you want
  13. PiForUAll

    let's actually have clans on this forum

    random thought from the part of my brain that's still club penguin (this is kinda like cp and cpr and cpo armies)
  14. PiForUAll

    (kinda afflaited) minecraft

    i play on this server my username is tmvman i don't own the server slight afflaite disclosure: i'm in the server's welcome squad
  15. PiForUAll

    i got a wii

    the games i got were wii sports and mariokart wii mariokart WII! (the opening sound when you open up mariokart wii without starting it)
  16. PiForUAll

    Can someone tell me the entire BornToGolf story

    like the entire controversy
  17. PiForUAll

    someone signed up in BornToGolf's name

    i hope he's not evil
  18. PiForUAll

    why do people say the c word so much

  19. PiForUAll

    rf meems go here

    i'm going to choose one soon here's mine it's a text meem achevment unlocked: making a rf meem
  20. PiForUAll

    who plays osu! or osu!lazer

    i started playing it today
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