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  1. Badboymacnandcheese

    C h i l l

    Chill Still c h i l l
  2. Badboymacnandcheese

    This years egg hunt kinda sucks.

    Yeah, this years egg hunt kinda sucks. That’s just opinion though.
  3. Badboymacnandcheese

    Did you guys see they announced the bloxy awards?

    They announced it today, though I bet a lot of you guys already know.
  4. Badboymacnandcheese

    I might be leaving roblox forums...

    Maybe... We will see in the future... [Edit]: I doupt anyone would read this lol.
  5. Badboymacnandcheese

    I bored

    Yeah, I bored.
  6. Badboymacnandcheese

    Man, It's almost the end of Winter Break?

    Aw man, but you know, time Flys by.
  7. Badboymacnandcheese

    A pointless thread that doesn't needed to be seen

    Blah Blah Blah PointLessNess And also why are you Viewing this Thread??
  8. Badboymacnandcheese


    OMG?? WHAT???! YAYYYY, GOODBYE 2019!
  9. Badboymacnandcheese

    Chill, Arthureywester.

    @Arthurerywester, what I said was a joke, Don't need to make a big deal of it. And the thread he made, Really??
  10. Badboymacnandcheese

    Its been i while sience i last got on.

    yeah Ive been kinda drifting away from Roblox Forums, so yeah Im not gonna be online much here.
  11. Badboymacnandcheese

    A ramdom forum post

    this is a random forum post so...
  12. Badboymacnandcheese

    blah Blah BLAH

  13. Badboymacnandcheese

    wow its almost monday ALREADY??

  14. Badboymacnandcheese

    Wow where has the time gone?

    Its sunday already? D:
  15. Badboymacnandcheese

    You guys know ninja ledgends scammers?

    you know there always asking for Legendary pets, and spam trade requests, UGH so annoying.
  16. Badboymacnandcheese

    No administers online?

    I just noticed this, but right now theres no administers online :o
  17. Badboymacnandcheese

    Yay its the weekend!

    Finaly its the weekend, now I can play ROBLOX all day LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Badboymacnandcheese

    I get to build my friend a house on bloxburg!!!

    Starting this off my Friend Zac (Gamerboyztt) he plays on phone, so on bloxburg, He cant build his own house or plot whatever, so I get to build him a plot, HOORAY! :D
  19. Badboymacnandcheese

    Hello ROBLOX forums.

    Hello, Im Badboymacnandcheese, Im just saying Hello to the other people on ROBLOX Forums.
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  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
    I've warned everyone who has done bad stuff.
  • TedSh TedSh:
  • TedSh TedSh:
    Did i just...
  • TedSh TedSh:
    Oh sorry
  • Captcinn Captcinn:
    dont you hate when you speak Russian on accident?
  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
  • TedSh TedSh:
  • Burger Burger:
  • TedSh TedSh:
    Ok sorry
  • Burger Burger:
    its fine dude
  • Burger Burger:
    you accidentally spoke russian and we r fine with it
  • TedSh TedSh:
    I just have it now 05:02 :| and ... I just forgot to re-read before sending.
  • TedSh TedSh:
    Ok... Bye
  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
    I'll invite you
  • ImaMadMan ImaMadMan:
  • ImaMadMan ImaMadMan:
    wait on disc?
  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
    On disc
  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
    Go to priv
  • ScretusDev ScretusDev:
    I sent you the link there.
    ImaMadMan ImaMadMan: ok