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  1. FarmTheCaactus

    Please donate robux

    exactly. I might be doing a giveaway soon though so stick around. (:
  2. FarmTheCaactus


    did it I guess
  3. FarmTheCaactus

    Anyone with 0 robux?

    I have 113
  4. FarmTheCaactus

    Searched up roblox age recommendations and these came up.

    Huh. It's not like you can just ignore it.
  5. FarmTheCaactus

    Searched up roblox age recommendations and these came up.

    Oh! Arsenal and stuff? Oh I bet it feels bad thinking legos going into a black hole is gruesome.
  6. FarmTheCaactus

    Searched up roblox age recommendations and these came up.

    I disagree with these lol. "Anyway Roblox is a great game it is safe for under 12s but, a big but, some games are not, some games are needlessly violent and gruesome so if you give your son/daughter guidelines then Roblox should be safe for you child." (I...
  7. FarmTheCaactus

    Let's do something nice for @FarmTheCaactus

    😊 thank you! 1594157399 I was exaggerating a bit but it was a fair amount of dislikes.
  8. FarmTheCaactus


  9. FarmTheCaactus

    helo can i get friend

    lol, the email thing doesn't censor this five year old swearing
  10. FarmTheCaactus

    Advanced Scripter Needed

    well im definitely not an advanced scripter/. I can hardly make a full cafe, did it once tho.
  11. FarmTheCaactus


    what is
  12. FarmTheCaactus


    please do roblox with me, im very bored
  13. FarmTheCaactus


    my fish got so scared when I went to the bathroom and accidentally left it on. because of that I didn't watch it
  14. FarmTheCaactus

    Random Fun - Roblox Livestream

    I join and I hear "MMMMMMMM" 1594137626 loved it.
  15. FarmTheCaactus

    Favorite food?

    lol, that guys name is like something else, the food it ratatouille.
  16. FarmTheCaactus

    what type of person you are on rf

    im the type of person who eats cacti and changes their profile picture back and forth
  17. FarmTheCaactus

    photoshop battles: a cactus

    is this because cactus is like the most common name on the roblox forums or something? heres my cactus (no photoshop)
  18. FarmTheCaactus

    Favorite food?

    I like cheese too
  19. FarmTheCaactus

    Favorite food?

    im vegetarian
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