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  1. trains

    Roblox will not take down an offensive roblox game.

    i mean following someone in a game is pretty much saying your a creep im ngl
  2. trains

    I know why old games don't work anymore

    ok but like i said, maybe the game doesn't need INPUT?
  3. trains

    pokemon x and y in a nutshell part 2 - lysandre

    lysandre does have a decent theme but it's nothing amazing compared to other generations. he's like kinda near on par with rose's theme.
  4. trains

    brookhaven rp was wild man

  5. trains

    What is the worst item can u think of in the catalog?

    yes. the only good cartoony rainbow reskins are my line of pokemon character cartoony rainbow reskins. i have a whole channel of them in my friend group chat.
  6. trains

    reaction score went from 27 to 10 in a day

    its 1:01 pm for me haha
  7. trains

    YouTube Famous Prison Life/Gunfighting Clan: The RCC is recruiting (HR's wanted)

    ngl i kinda dont like stuff like this but i may consider it. after all, i hate prison life but love redwood prison.
  8. trains

    Roblox is sending me to random games

    probably a script within the free models
  9. trains

    new post...

    new post!
  10. trains

    pokemon evil teams in a nutshell ~ no sinnoh or unova cuz never played sorry

    team rocket: ah yes, i really like banding and disbanding over and over, while also having brain damaged grunts and somehow kinda stopped team plasma in adventures in unova and beyond. we steal pokemon. literally it. team magma: l a n d m a s s i s a w e s o m e. 7.8/10 too much water. team...
  11. trains

    new one!

    new one!
  12. trains

    pokemon x and y in a nutshell part 2 - lysandre

    link to the 1st part: lysandre in a nutshell - pokemon x and y in a nutshell part 2 "Scientist. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Take a closer look at the man whose acts have redefined the Kalos region: Lysandre." -the...
  13. trains


    lol wut 1596431163 thank u very much for announcing this. it is my pleasure to read this post at 1 am (edt). thank you for reminding that i dont need to sleep anyway because i've already been watching pokemon generations
  14. trains

    r e s u l t s

  15. trains

    i suck at aiming

  16. trains

    i suck at aiming

    what site is it tho i will fail everything
  17. trains

    i suck at aiming

    wait what site is this lol
  18. trains


    nice cars uwu
  19. trains

    Robux card having problems

    ur either typing it wrong or you bought it from a sketchy place
  20. trains

    brookhaven rp was wild man

    --kidnapped an innocent girl and put her on teen mom --insulted her --annoyed her --basically harassed her here's the best photo:
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