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  1. SharpCosmos

    Looking for clothing designers!

    I can, I've made a lot of shirts and have an official group...
  2. SharpCosmos

    Looking for clothing designers!

    Hello, I can help fill in for your designer. I am looking for a job and I can do for free, I can even send a sample of whatever you want to see. Though I don't have bc, I could send the designs and you can simply post them. All I want out of the deal is credit. Sincerely, Sharp Cosmos
  3. SharpCosmos

    Designers needed

    Hello, I am interested in your post. I've been looking for a slot for clothing designer and my designs can whatever you like if you want to ask me anything or interested and if you like I can show a sample. P.S, I don't have BC so I can just send you my designs through discord or something...
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