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  1. Hallumir

    Drinking is just eating liquid

    Eating is drinking solids.
  2. Hallumir

    you can drink a drink but...

    You can food a food (Essen essen) in German.
  3. Hallumir

    Impossible roblox captcha?

    I heard about this from a KonekoKitten video and I've been afraid to log out ever since. One might say that Roblox's Captcha system is becoming a security problem if people won't log out because of it.
  4. Hallumir

    GlitchySnowflake Presents: Introduction.

    Welcome! What are your favourite Roblox games right now?
  5. Hallumir

    im freezing to death in my house

    To be fair, the winter takes up half the year here.
  6. Hallumir

    Does anyone remember Old Roblox?

    One game I really miss was Island Survival Roleplay by Silenced. Roblox updates broke it.
  7. Hallumir

    im freezing to death in my house

    It's always hot in my apartment and there is no air conditioning. Even now and in the winter it's hot, like it was designed to trap heat.
  8. Hallumir


    Who did it this time? I always put spoilers on pics of dragonflies ever since you asked me to.
  9. Hallumir

    me when the guys they

    When you when you
  10. Hallumir

    Ah yes, 5 boiled eggs.

    Nah, I have albinism (OCA2) and I just don't tan.
  11. Hallumir

    Ah yes, 5 boiled eggs.

    That's not my pic. I stole it. I'm a lot paler than that.
  12. Hallumir

    Ah yes, 5 boiled eggs.

    It's not my picture. I stole it.
  13. Hallumir

    Ah yes, 5 boiled eggs.

  14. Hallumir

    Song of the day 162

    This is a weird band that has bees on all of its album covers and their own made-up language, resembling Semitic languages, for their songs. They call themselves a light wave band, being a spinoff of dark wave. It's one of those bands where they are the entire genre.
  15. Hallumir

    "last seen 25 minutes ago"

    Someone hasn't been online in 25 minutes? Oh no, they found him
  16. Hallumir

    Reply if your username has 8 characters or less!

    I had two 3 character usernames before. One was deleted because I broke the rules on the original forums. I also had a 4 letter username that I gave away. I used to think namesnipes were cool back in 2009 and got some good ones.
  17. Hallumir

    Reply if your username has 8 characters or less!

    8 characters or fewer gang
  18. Hallumir

    Livestreams aren't live

    And when you're looking at the Sun, you're not watching it live either, it's delayed by 8 minutes because the Sun is 8 lightminutes from your eyes.
  19. Hallumir

    i'm that

    Be careful that your enemies don't use reverse psychology to manipulate you into doing something they want you to do.
  20. Hallumir

    The roblox chat is always painful to read

    Sometimes I feel the urge to get in an argument if someone says something wrong or stupid on Roblox, but then I remember they're kids and it would be immature of me to argue with 8 year olds.
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