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  1. vParallaxx

    My New Clothing Group!

    I just started a clothing group and I'd appreciate feedback on the designs! -!/about
  2. vParallaxx

    I do gfx :P

    Hello, I do gfx for thumbnails, ads, group icons, etc. I do gfx for 150 robux per. Ads are 75 per. If you wish to hire me, just reply to this and we can talk on a private conversation. Im new on this btw :D Here are some of my art works
  3. vParallaxx

    I do gfx

    If you want to hire me, I do gfx for 150 and ads for 75 (robux) Here are some examples
  4. vParallaxx

    Beta Badge and chat tag

    Im making a game and I want to make so if a player plays during beta they get a badge and chat tag. When the game is out of beta, I want to make the badge unobtainable. Can someone help?
  5. vParallaxx

    Need tool help

    I made a working shop, I get the tools, but then only I can see the tool, and if somebody else has a tool equipped, I cant see it. I can only see the tool i have and I cant see anybody elses tool. Please help me! (image is what it looks like)
  6. vParallaxx

    I do gfx for robux (better example)

    If anybody wants to hire me, im right here
  7. vParallaxx

    Help with inventory system

    Im making this game and I want to make it so if a person equips a weapon in their inventory, they get it when the round starts
  8. vParallaxx

    I do gfx for robux

    anybody looking for a gfx artists?
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