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  1. Thecoolguy16183

    posting this on the wii

    im using WiiVNC for this
  2. Thecoolguy16183

    thanks for 300 reaction score.

    thanks for supporting me for 2 years, love you all.
  3. Thecoolguy16183

    Roblox Issues. 1/18/2021 7:26 AM

  4. Thecoolguy16183

    does this review even have context 2

    i dont even get it anymore
  5. Thecoolguy16183

    Roblox Issues 1/17/2021 7:07 AM

    roblox really needs to upgrade their servers.
  6. Thecoolguy16183

    Roblox Issue 1/16/2021 10:04 AM

    looks like the server died again
  7. Thecoolguy16183

    Roblox Outrage 10:41 AM 1/9/2021

    just went on the site boom this shows up
  8. Thecoolguy16183

    trashpost #2

  9. Thecoolguy16183

    what do you think of mrrobloxmcbloxy?

    title, hes an ok for me lol
  10. Thecoolguy16183

    happy new year guys

    im late to say it
  11. Thecoolguy16183

    what is this?

    i randomly found this in my house and i dont know what is it, it might have a game but idk.
  12. Thecoolguy16183

    i think roblox is back

  13. Thecoolguy16183

    Roblox Downtime 5:21 PM 12/30/2020

    its night time for me
  14. Thecoolguy16183


    context: i used a patched version of wii no ma or somehing
  15. Thecoolguy16183

    this guy tryna be minehut worker

    For some reason my friend invited someone in the DM, while we were in a voice chating The person that he invited was: "Minehut Worker he left and said "Please do not invite us to DM Groups" (or something like that" I friended him just to confront him, he starts to ignore me. I invited him to...
  16. Thecoolguy16183

    what do you think of this bedwars defense

  17. Thecoolguy16183

    What type of anime do you like?

    title (shouldve put srs opinions in the title) the only anime i like is "Tokyo Ghoul"
  18. Thecoolguy16183

    i got a brand new ipod touch

    Left: iPod Touch 6th Gen Right iPod Touch Sec Gen
  19. Thecoolguy16183

    oh no

    i prob said something rude to @MrRobloxMcbloxy and that happened im not mad btw lol
  20. Thecoolguy16183

    send hate comments

    i havent done this for a while lol insult me because i said this: omg fortnite is awful!! roblox and minecraft is the best, cant forgot neopets lol, mrrobloxmcbloxy doesnt look great