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Finished 25,000 Robux Giveaway [Feb 2018]

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Dec 8, 2017
What? You're giving away 25,000 Robux?!
Yes indeed we are!

Hello and welcome to the new Roblox Forum! Last time we gave away R$ 10,000 randomly to 10 users, they won R$ 1,000 each.
Today we are announcing our biggest giveaway so far! We will be dishing out a total of R$ 25,000(yes, that's 25 thousand)
This giveaway's funds will be shared between 5 users, 1st place to 5th place, as listed below:
  1. R$ 10,000
  2. R$ 7,000
  3. R$ 4,000
  4. R$ 2,500
  5. R$ 1,500

How do I enter the giveaway?
We will be choosing the top 5 posters of ALL TIME, these will be the winners.
You can track who's currently holding the top five positions by clicking the Members tab in the top menu, and viewing the "Most messages" widget.

How do I avoid disqualification?
- Single word posts will be removed, and you will receive 1 warning point
- Spam of any form will result in disqualification
- Posts must be relevant to the topic of the thread, and relevant to the forum category
- Multiple accounts are not permitted for use in this giveaway

How can I tell a staff member if someone is breaking the giveaway rules?
There's a report button at the bottom of each post, you can click that, and specify which rule is being broken. Your report will be reviewed by our staff.
If you misuse the report system, you will receive a warning point.

You will receive up to 5 warnings for not following the above rules, when you have been slapped with 5 points, your account will banned for 40 days, and you will be disqualified from the giveaway.

When will the winners be chosen?
This giveaway will be drawn on the 28th of February 2018; The end of this month.

Not Enough Robux?
For the each action below performed you will win an extra R$ 250 if you're a top poster at the time of the giveaway drawing.
  1. Follow our Twitter @TheRobloxForum
  2. Like this video, and subscriber to our channel
  3. Like our page on Facebook
  4. Share this Facebook post
Can you explain a situation of the bonuses?
Sure; This is Jimmy. On the 28th of Feb Jimmy is top poster #3, so he wins R$ 4,000. But Jimmy is clever and he loves Robux. From reading this post he immediately went to our Twitter, he followed us and he retweeted our giveaway tweet. He then went to our Facebook page, Jimmy liked the page, and he also shared the Facebook postwith his friends. Jimmy now not only wins R$ 4,000, but has also completed all 4 bonuses that means he has won an extra R$ 1,000. Now Jimmy has a total of R$ 5,000! Talk about free Robux! Delicious!!
Be like Jimmy :)

Staff will not be entered into this giveaway, even if they are occupying a top 5 slot!

Happy posting! And good luck to you all!
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