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Bling Bling Boy's Raid

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Feb 21, 2018
Bling Bling Boy (aka Teal Team #3) is a highly trained spy and is currently raiding an extreme mega death terrorist base. Unfortunately, it's not the mega death as in the type that hide out in Hangar 18 planning Holy Wars because the punishment was due, but rather they're just mean. Anyway, he makes his way into the base.
The first thing he finds is a pager which reportedly is connected to the leader of the EMDTO (Extreme Mega Death Terrorism Organization). He also finds several members of the EMDTO that could be connected with the higher circle. Interesting, this may help bring an end to them.
He also finds plans for another attack and a random newspaper that talks about a meeting at an unknown location. The newspaper, wait a minute! Bling Bling Boy recognized it as EMDTO propaganda.
Bling Bling Boy finally makes his way to the leader, but before he could assassinate him he is bashed in the head with a baseball bat. He is then taken to an undisclosed location.
An unknown man turns on the light, however his costume is extremely dark and is impossible to tell who he really is. Bling Bling Boy finds he is tied to a chair and he can't move. The man then pulls out a knife and turns on a camera. "If you don't give up now, you will face the consequences of your actions". He then puts the knife to Bling Bling Boy and the camera ends.

unrelated to rf government pls don't ban