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Cako™️ Handbook | Interview Guide

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May 2, 2018
Cako™️ Interview Guide
If you are a [10] General Manager+, you may host trainings. You are also required to follow this guide.

Shout Information;
When you shout, please use this phrase or make a similar one;
Starting Time; '[INTERVIEWS] Host: (Your, or the host's name.) | (Time, and timezone) | Ranks 1 may attend! Ranks 8+ may assist!
Lock Time; [INTERVIEWS] Slocked! Sorry! Join another session or send an app!
End Time; [INTERVIEWS] Concluded! Head to the bakery for a celebration!


When a interviewer, please name them; '(Their Selected Name) | Interviewer | #(1-6)
Also, remember to mod the interviewers.
You must have 6 interviewers.
Every interviewer must take 2 interviewees back with them to make sure that interviews will be faster.
If you have named and moded all of your interviewers, you may start.
When hosting, make sure to start off with an introduction. Make sure to make it similar to this introduction; 'Hello, and welcome to (time and timezone) interviews! My name is (your name), and I am your wonderful host!'

'RULE #1 / Do not ask for promotions. Promotions are earned, not given.'
'RULE #2 / No hinting, this includes recording yourself working at the bakery and posting it on youtube.'
'RULE #3 / Always respect your interviewer. Remember that they are taking time out of their days to interview you.'
'RULE #4 / Foul language is not permitted at all. you are found using it, there will be an investigation or a demotion.'
'RULE #5 / Coping and pasting your answers are not allowed. If you are caught, you will be kicked.'
'RULE #6 / Remember to answer each question in less than 30 seconds. If you answer the question after 40+ seconds, you will be kicked, as we may think you are AFK.'
And then say, 'Now let's go over the #1 GOLDEN TIP;'
'#1 GOLDEN TIP / Always remember to use grammar at all times. This will increase your chances at passing your interviews.'


Here are your interview questions;

Q1 | How did you find Cako?
Q2 | Why do you want to work at Cako?
Q3 | Do you work with any other groups? If so, where?
Q4 | On a scale from 1 - 10, how active are you? 1 is the worst, 10 is the best.
Q5 | On a scale from 1 - 10, how is your grammar? 1 is the worst, 10 is the best.
Q6 | If you had to deal with a troller, how many warnings would you give them?
Q7 | Why should we choose you over other applicants?

Once you are finished, use, ':chatlogs' and double check their answers. If they passed, tell an Overseer or the Host to rank them.

Once everyone has been interviewed, please say, ':shutdown' and the server will shutdown, and everyone will be kicked.
From there, you're finished! :D



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Thank you all for reading! We appreciate reading, so you may use this code for free, 'C23R', for free [N] Noted Customer, which can make you see Cako's Audit Logs! :D (Make sure to message me on Disc. to get the free Audit Log, spr_nglez#2143)
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