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cheap builder for hire (landscape, outdoor housing, interior)

Aug 9, 2018
Hello everyone, i'm CinematiKX- RBLX and emins#1156- DISC
i am an experienced builder for hire (model maker) desperate for a job application, my prices are very low and in fast creation (expect your order to be completed quickly) i only deal with serious buyers
my experience on roblox is about 5 years of developing
my advances are creating islands, lobby, obby, landscape, outdoor housing, and indoor interior, (weapons and sci-fi is my weak place, i don't make vehicles)
if you wish for a order please contact me on roblox, discord use as contacting or reaching me when im unavailable.
my showcase is on my profile right here so please go check it out here ->https://www.roblox.com/users/94577061/profile
i mainly sell for cheap lowest i go is 15 robux highest is 200-300 robux (i suggest buying from me in bulk as i tend to give discount then)
~i only accept payment in group fund (payment is required before product receiving)