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Jan 4, 2018
Washington, DC
You might not know this, so here it is!


In order to make it easier for you to communicate with your audience, we just released game update notifications! This feature lets you send short messages to followers of your game so they stay informed of recent changes. The notifications show up in the notification tray and players can launch the game directly from the notification.

For now, only beta testers can send game updates and a subset of players will see the option to follow games. Over the next few weeks we will roll it out to all users.

To subscribe to game updates, go to the game details page and tap the “Follow” button:


Here is what it looks like when you receive updates:


To send game updates, go to the Configure Game page and switch to the Game Updates category:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to put more than 60 characters worth of information in my game updates. Can you raise the limit?
A: We wanted to make sure your messages don’t get cut off when displayed in the notification tray. In the long term we plan to build a changelog feature, which will support much longer update descriptions and will be accessible from game details.

Q: Why can I only send one game update per week?
A: We want to verify that this feature does not get overused and detract from the player experience. We will consider allowing more frequent notifications in the future.

Q: How do I tell how effective my update message was?
A: In the near future we will add statistics to provide information such as impressions and click-through rate for game updates.
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