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Happy Thanksgiving RF!

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Jul 5, 2021
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it, I hope you get to spend today with your families and loved ones.

I joined this forum almost a year ago looking to connect with a community to a game I grew up playing. It's been tons of fun getting to meet everyone here and watching new members become known members. This forum has become a part of my daily routine as I am always reading up on what everyone is doing. Its so awesome seeing how crazy the members can be with each other but instantly switch to help someone in need. There really is a good community here, between the user hosted events and the wild interactive stories you come up with.

Thank you for the past year I've been here. Thank you for accepting me within the community, and thank you for all the fun I've had.

To those who celebrate this day, spend it with your families. To those who don't, as usual, I still hope you have a great day.
happy thanksgiving!