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Help! I'm looking for an Old and Forgotten Horror Obby

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Oct 9, 2019
Hi, an OG from 2011 here,
I've been searching for the last two months for a very specific obby (or at least I think it's an obby) that I played as an ***** child who never added it to my favourites. I only remember the beginning and some of the levels.

You started at some sort of club, or party that was a mostly monochrome colour, and it had a stage and two poles/pillars on either side, they were probably slanted. Then you go to the toilet, and pee for three hours straight. You come out and see that everyone has been murdered, there's blood and corpses all over the place, and it's been trashed. Someone has been stabbed at the table, and someone has been pinned to the wall with one of the poles/pillars. You then leave and begin the obby.

I remember a haunted mansion part, with a photo-shopped picture of Mona Lisa looking like a skeleton. There was also a maze, with a picture of Michael Jackson at the entrance.
Sorry for being so vague, that's all I remember. My brother and I loved this game, but neither of us added it to our favourites or remember the name.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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