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Hey, this is just a random thread cause why not. Comment if you want to.

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Jan 6, 2021
Notice: Before you read this, read the bottom of this please.

To be honest, with Roblox going the way it is, and it keeps getting worse, how many of you think that Roblox will get better in some way? To me, Roblox wasn't the best game, but it was ok for what it was. Now it's just absurd to look at quite a lot of changes that it has made. Such as the report system, which pretty much requires a lot of people each of them spamming reports at someone in-game. While many, if not almost every player on Roblox knows that the report system barely works, if at all, it still works in very certain situations. With the many people working at Roblox, the most notable being the official moderators. It honestly seems like that almost all of the moderators put their religious and personal beliefs over Roblox's beliefs. There have been accounts that have been banned for the most absurd reasons, such as making models that represent steak, "Hi", "Black Lives Matter", and my favorite, ".". No really, someone actually got banned because they made a model of a period/decimal. Something else that should be mentioned in this is how inefficient the moderators actually are when doing their job as well as the sign that shows up when you get warned, banned, or terminated for something. Ever since they removed the evidence part of the sign for most of these situations, now some moderators can just mass ban a ton of accounts, put some copy and paste reasons that they usually use, and get away with it since THEY DON'T EVEN NEED TO SHOW THE EVIDENCE TO ANYONE, ANYMORE, NOT EVEN TO OTHER WORKERS. When emailing them to appeal the punishment that you get, they either make you wait an absurd amount of time or they give you some bs reason as to why they can't go over your case, such as "Unable to relate email to account" or something(IDK the actual sentence tbh). With hackers, almost every single time, the game itself has a better anti-cheater system than Roblox itself. What a shame.

With moderators and the system out of the way, lets go talk about bots. Great, these annoying little buggers will spam messages about spam sites, vote kick random people if that game allows it, and can even and very rarely use scripts to kick and ban people(While I believe that I have actually only seen this once since scripts are able to bypass required stuff in order to get admin commands and what not, it has happened in a game that I was in). If anyone does not know of Adopt Me yet, it's arguably in my opinion the most botted and unstable game in all of Roblox. The reason for this is the ridiculous amount of people on it, sometimes even reaching 1 million. I could make a different thread insulting and stereotyping the people that play and are serious about Adopt Me, but that is ridiculous, although I may or may not do it in the future. But back to on-topic, bots are a nuisance, and I wish in the future Roblox finds a better way.

Next on, the actual devs/workers of Roblox and what they are doing. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the community hates the new avatars in general. Despite the community's wishes and what they like, so far Roblox has not listened to any of them and that is just upsetting. Now with Roblox advertising and ads, Roblox is using these new avatars to make it look like those new avatars are the new normal, and that is just not ok as to what Roblox is most known for. In general and in history, you make, update, and/or sell what the people want. So if the players of an fps game want bugs to be fixed in that game first rather than additional content, then the devs should listen to the players and fix the bugs in their game. The devs would most likely receive more hate from their community if they did not listen to them and added in additional content? Of course, there are other factors affecting this idea in general, but I will not be mentioning it. But in a summary, Roblox does not care about what the community wants, they only care about it to a minimum like they have this mentality that makes it so that they want a certain amount of people playing on Roblox, but they just don't care at all. They only care about the new people playing Roblox instead of the people that have been playing Roblox for a long time. It's like how Call Of Duty WW2 was, it was made to attract a newer generation of gamers in while making the older fans of Call of Duty just upset on how the game was.

That being said, while this may go against everything I say in the last 3 paragraphs, I'm doing it because some people are close-minded, ******** kids that can't seem to grasp the idea of logic when thinking and saying this ****. Roblox is intended to be a game marketed for kids and all, but there are people that aren't kids that play this game. I honestly do not have an issue at all with this, considering that I am not a kid that is writing this. If you don't believe me on that claim then that is fine. But anyways, it's not uncommon to find people on Roblox videos on YouTube to say stuff like "Why are you playing a kids game, get an actual job lmfao". "Lol this dude arguing over a kids game". In general, its not a matter over the fact that its a kids game and these type of people IN GENERAL also probably expect kids game to not be as well maintained as an actual game, like once again, Call Of Duty. It's more of a matter that relates to common sense and logic in general. The fact that these type of people exist make me wonder "How do we get so far in history with these people pushing up daisies".

There are other things that I probably could have mentioned, but I have just decided to mention these. I'm probably going to get a lot of comments ridiculing me on info that I either got wrong or info that I missed and definitely should've put into this thread. Still, that is 100% fine, as I did not write this knowing a decent chunk of info within Roblox itself.

I can try to offer solutions to these problems. For the moderation system, make a set of rules for the mods/workers so that their personal/religious beliefs do not get in the way of their job. Make a better report system, or better yet, make a Roblox site dedicated for this that actually works. Make it so that Moderators/Workers are actually able to send emails that relate to the appeal that the person sending is trying to get across instead of the workers themselves turning it into another irrelevant subject. And finally make a better global anti-cheat system. As for bots, make a system that prevents an account from sending messages without a verified email or something. And probably the most important, I HOPE THE DEVS WILL SOON LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY AND GIVE WHAT THE COMMUNITY WANTS FROM THEM, NOT TO NOT LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY AND JUST GO WITH WHAT THEY ONLY HAVE IN MIND FOR NEWER PEOPLE. Are these changes going to be easy? NO. Will they be worth it if the workers of Roblox implement similar changes? YES. Are there possibly better solutions than these? YES.

Has this been done already by others? YES. Do I care? NO. Do I care if other people tell me that this was unnecessary? NO. Do I care if someone tells me that this bottom of this thread was unnecessary? NO.


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Feb 18, 2018
United Kingdom
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