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Hi im new and need help ASAP and idk where to post this

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Jan 5, 2021
so I am trying to make a survival game and I need to know how to make trees and or rocks or any resource that when hit with a certain tool will give you a certain amount of wood

for example: if my character has a stone axe and I hit a tree 1 time with the stone axe it will get me from anywhere between 2-7 pieces of wood but if I were to use lets say a iron axe it would give me from anywhere between 5-11 pieces of wood. also after a random amount of hits somewhere between 10-20 the tree will fall over. and last but not least every time i hit the tree with a tool the amount of wood I received from that hit will appear in the top left corner of the screen then disappear.

i also need help with getting the items(wood/stone/ect.) to show in my inventory GUI like how do I link it so that every time I get a item it will be put in my inventory.

-one last thing i promise lol i also need the players inventory to save to that player so that every time they leave and rejoin there inventory will be saved

PS: I have been working on this game for three days and all i have is the inventory GUI for mobile and pc and the map so PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN. - thx <3