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Jan 11, 2021
🍣Hello! Welcome to Tsunami Sushi. I’m lxvinqxalice, but you can call me Alice! How many are dining with you today? 🍣

😋 Splendid! And do you have any seating area preference for today? The options are ; Downstairs, Upstairs, Outside, Party Room, Bar, Hibachi Grill and the VIP room. 😋

Please acknowledge that the VIP room requires a game-pass to enter! 💕

⭐ Amazing! Please follow me to your desired seating area.

😊Are these seats alright? I’m more than happy to change to somewhere else. If so, please notify me! 😊

🌸 To begin, please remember that any courses can be skipped. Please tell me if that’s the case! 🌸

❤️ Okay. Now, to start, can I get you any refreshing beverages? These consist of Bubble Tea and regular Tea! ❤️

🍜Mmm! Sounds amazing. Let me fetch that for you. I advise you browse the menu for your appetizer. 🍜

🌹 I’m back with your drink. Have you decided on your appetizer? If so, please state your order. 🌹

🍣Absolutely! Give me a moment to get that for you. 🍣

✨ I’m back with your appetizer! It smells delicious. What can I get you for your entree(s)? ✨

🍨 Scrumptious choice(s)! Let me get that for you. For the time being, please browse the menu if you will be having dessert. 🍨

🍦 Hey! I’m back with your entree(s). Now, have you decided on a dessert? These consist of Mochi and Ice Cream! 🍦

🌷Great! Now, I’ll get that for you. 🌷

☀️ I’m back with your dessert. Is there anything else you’d like before we finish? ☀️

💸 Great. I’ll get your bill for you. Stay here as I’ll be back promptly. 💸

💰 Here’s your bill. Keep in mind, this isn’t real currency and for roleplaying purposes only! 💰

💗 Thank you for visiting T.S! You’ve been a pleasure to serve. Have an amazing day! Goodbye. 💗

💕 To become a worker, join the group. Then, go to the application centre via the game desc and apply. Then, attend a training at the times explained to possibly pass and work here! 💕
Not open for further replies.