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HolyHan' staff application

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Roblox Username: HolyHan

Age: 14 this year

Why would you like to be a member of staff: I believe that this website could grow to have a large yet friendly community and i would love to be someone that helps make this happen unlike the original ROBLOX forums.

How active are you on this forum: I am active whenever i got a chance, i am active unless i got homework, a game project etc.

When did you join this forum: February 15, 2021

Are all your interactions helpful: If i ever have the chance to help someone with a problem that i understand then i can help that person.

When was the last date you applied?: Never.


🎃 (she/they)
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Apr 20, 2019
The Labyrinth
Besides not meeting 2 of the listed requirements (age and 500+ posts) I would of loved to see more put towards the application than given so little.
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