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Homburgs Waffle Stand status

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Apr 24, 2019
The darkest depths of the internet
As you guys know, I was gifted with a powerful double Belgium waffle maker. With this, I plan to exploit what I can with it and hopefully turn a profit with it. Anyways so most of last night I stayed up with my roommate trying to see what would be the batter for a waffle that can also be quick to cook.

It took a bit of trial and error, but we eventually we made something that is basically the same batter made to make funal cakes at the fair (Really sweet, but also crispy)
So we got what we wanted to sell and made about two gallons worth of batter, then we proceed on how are we gonna sell them.

Today hits, after my morning run and shower, I get back to my apartment with the necessary things that could help us greatly.
Such as
-Fold up table
-Cardboard box
-Red Marker
-Duck tape
-Extension cord
-Plastic forks
-Paper plates
-Ice chest to keep the batter cool
-And a half-gallon of syrup

Luckily I had most of the items already, and I carpooled with a friend who had the table

It was time to put our plan to action, today's weather was pretty chilly thanks to fall coming in, we first set up the table close to a nearby charging station and got the waffle maker heated up

Then we cut the cardboard box in half to use as two signs saying "Waffles 4 dollars each, get them while there hot!", one where we tape to the table, and one was taped to my back (I'm pretty big so I was basically the perfect stan for people to get a good luck at the sign) I also put on a chef hat I had to show we were serious about this.

Then it was just me and my friend screaming for two minutes to get peoples attention, but when we did oh boi

I know these are waffles but man they sold like hotcakes, I guess thanks to the cold weather a warm waffle got people's attention and had a small but yet consent line going for us.

In the end, we sold out and made a good profit, because of it I was able to pay the loan I had with my dad for buying a soldier outfit I was planning to wear for Halloween, and lunch was on me today as well.

I don't think I'll do this tomorrow but maybe again on Friday.


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Oct 27, 2018
Killnus aka Frog Boy#8064
i want to eat waffles so bad, but I hate syrup
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