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How do I make an attachment always rotate toward the nearest waypoint?

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Jul 25, 2018
Hello, I am trying to make a vehicle AI for my personal chassis. I want to make this vehicle's attachments rotate toward the nearest waypoints. The attachments Y axis in the orientation make the wheels turn. The thing is, how do I script them to always be rotated to the nearest AI waypoint.
Example: I have 5 waypoints. They are called AIWaypoint(number), and they are in a model. I want the vehicle to rotate the FL and FR attachments to the nearest specific AI waypoint in that model, so it can follow paths and make turns. But I have no idea how to script this. I asked here to get help. Please no jokes.
The vehicle has a model named Chassis, and there is a part named Platform. There are attachments named AttachmentFL and AttachmentFR. If you rotate them both on the Y axis, they turn like a real car.
Here is the link to the model of the car, for further investigation:

Note: The car needs collision groups to work properly, they are set up like this:
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