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im just a human being like some of us. i've been playing roblox for 4 years (my original account is eagr2 - 6/11/16 and my main account is BhadTrains - 7/24/16. (US) i just like pokemon and right now i'm playing through sun. im also learning lua. im also pretty mediocre at drawing, but my current pfp as of july 9th, 2020 is something i drew in like june. i also like roblox, and i play minecraft on my switch, wii u -cough-, and my computer (i used to play on the 360 but my 360 isnt in a good spot and i only played mc on it, plus it doesn't really work anymore). i started playing roblox from an advertisement i saw on youtube next to a stampy cat video, xd. i enjoy my time on roblox but i havent been playing it as much as i used to.

my favorite roblox youtuber is flamingo, i've been watching him since 12/31/17, and im not one of his toxic fans that's really annoying. xd

my favorite pokemon youtuber is idk, i just watch a lot of pokemon youtubers that r enjoyable, some of them are poketips, mandjtv, truegreen7, hoops and hiphop, zwiggo, chaoticmeatball, chizzy, etc.

sorry that this is pretty long just for an introductory post for someone who's just an average human living in this place called earth.

can we also please respect that i've been waiting for pokemon omega ruby since my birthday almost a month ago.
Not open for further replies.