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Hunt for the perfect potato.

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Jun 19, 2020
This is inspired by @Rukreep's Custom Adventure game.

You arrived at the Town with no Name. What will you do?
Secret Ending: You gone back on the train and the train flew into the Andromeda Galaxy.

You arrived at the shop but the rest of the 3 sections are under construction. What section will you look at from 3 options?
Thankfully, there are some potatoes, but they are all expired and your way is blocked because squashed tomatoes prevented you from going and you go the other way round through the Snacks route.
There aren't any potatoes, but there are potato chips. What will you do now?
You found potatoes, but all of them are expired. What will you do now?
You finally found a perfect potato! What will you do now?
Bad Ending: You didn't get a potato :(
Good Ending: You got a potato!

Neutral Ending: You got a potato after you had a drink, but it was a bit expired.

Better Ending: You got a silver potato from the blacksmith.

Best Ending: After depositing most of your money, you got a golden potato.

Worst Ending: Instead of a potato, you got a soft pebble which is presumabley a rotten potato.

Holy ending: You got a blessed and golden potato.
Your holy potato flew into the Gangsta's Paradise.
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