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Impeachment of TheKFCGaming

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Dec 12, 2017
Hello citizens of SummerSet. I am here to announce the official impeachment of TheKFCGaming from the position of Mayor.

He has been impeached for lack of activity and knowledge as a Mayor. If you were not at the city meeting which took place on 19th December 2017 at around 20:50bst then you will not know about this.

KFC has sent many messages saying "I will be active more" in the discord. Here are his exact words on a message he sent.

"As you know I been focusing on my YT channel and my roblox jobs at the most. I haven't been a really best active Deputy Mayor you could say... Currently at 142 subs I have alot of things to foucuse on and I'm a pretty active guy you can say myself.However I am the new Mayor due to sadly lord quiting one of my best friends saying we don't know how to run a city... I don't have anything to say but however I will be getting active also focusing on my YT channel as the rest of my ROBLOX jobs I might have to retire from a job... Not here however.
There is a 0 % Chance of me retiring from this job but other jobs it's 50 %"

The new mayor is FIRETRAP21 and he has already started council elections in his rough 20 minutes of being mayor.

SummerSet City
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