Invitation to test Spin Doc game.


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Jul 21, 2018
I have put together a somewhat sarcastic game about matching advertisements to recipients. Or may be other way around. The working name is "Spin Doctor Simulator" or just "Spin Doc". The game is available here.

It is a mixture of card collecting game and "Guess Who". The mechanics of the game are in place and a rough walk through is implemented. A lot of improvements are planned. However, I would like to ask whether the game itself is interesting to play. So please reply with feedback if you want game to be developed further.

Planned features:
  1. Create a better map. Current one is a hack made with free models. (However, map is just an eye candy for this game.)
  2. Add more kinds of NPCs, especially females. (More visual diversity, another eye candy)
  3. Add purchasing of more potent cards/leaflets for in game currency. (The next big feature to add.)
  4. View the details of cards/leaflets: fancy names, picture, quote or slogan.
  5. Measure and acknowledge effectiveness by keeping a leader-board of average reward per leaflet or reward per minute/round.
  6. Add NPCs to form a rally at the town square.