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Is WOV a bad RP?


New Member
Jun 24, 2018
This question is a challenging and complicated question which I will attempt to answer.

My Experience has been awful sadly. I brought the Genes gamepass thinking is was just a benefit. Realising that RP requires to pass you need some Ridiculous RP Skills and Discord. They say they are "Well Made" but their standard is above under what 1% of Roblox users can perform. This needs to be nerfed.

The Group requires Discord. Which is off site from roblox. And of course, not many people are allowed Discord (Please remember this isn't for 13+ only) And then takes you to an off site website. I've sent ALL my requests to most admins and NOT 1 replied. Lets say 15% of people are happy to go to the website and 65% of those people fill in the fourm and post it. Since I did 3 posts and none EVEN read. I will assume only 25% have been read. And 40% are accepted. After looking at RP Skills (Under 1%) I can only say that 0.1% of people can make it into the Standard RP Experience.

Now think about that, "the group where they" prioritize well made OCs over any other aspect!" have only had 0.1% of people they tried to play reach the standard RP. Is that strict? Also note that they take you to Off site from roblox.

Do you see them the same?