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Should my game be an FFA or a TDM?

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Sep 4, 2019
I was just looking for a few test-players, that could point out bugs in my game.

Anyway, The test-players that are willing to help me out a bit should point out the following:

Over-powered Spots ( Too much cover, makes it easy for attackers to attack

This is my biggest project so far, and i just want it to go well.

Thanks everyone for helping me so far!


Feb 15, 2019
magic land
@Sotiris764 I'll test it out for you. I'm the type of person to complain about everything, so I can really point out even the small things.
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    xbox 360 was 1st
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    then one bye
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    Oh good
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    @rypagu425 I to have an Xbox one s, have we ever played roblox together on the xbox before?
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    why i can t join the groupe
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    @kingkillx22x what group?
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    @CallMeKY remember when rbxfree sponsored a thread, they advertise rf and since their payout group's been locked for months people come here thinking we know
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    Depending on what you mean, Idk what group your talking about but some on Roblox is private if you can't get it in one thats public then it could be because you have join the max amount of groups, or just what @wonderer200
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    i think they are talking about rbxfree
  • T TenthSource:
    I need a professional scripter
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    i'm not a scripter sorry
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    im making a low poly map
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    also if you thing this is official this is not an official forum
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  • T TenthSource:
    where do I hire a scripter
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    If I can get a scripter I would pay them $50
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    Robux or dollars?
  • CallMeKY CallMeKY:
    What does a scripter have to do with building a low-poly map, are you trying to work with map generation?
    CallMeKY CallMeKY: What does a scripter have to do with building a low-poly map, are you trying to work with map...