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Mod Update regarding security

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Hello everyone,

As of today, we are increasing the regulation standards for security and privacy to ensure that RobloxForum remains a safe community.
In terms of privacy, if you're curious about what RobloxForum itself does with your information and how it's handled, check out the Privacy Policy.

As of today, posting a website URL that links to an IP grabber (such as Grabify or otherwise) will result in a permanent and non-negotiable ban.
Any website URLs redirecting to ad link shorteners (adf.ly, shrinke.me, etc.) will in result in a temporary ban and two warning points. If you're a new member, this may be permanent. (Remember that RobloxForum should not be used as a method of profit).

Any links to downloadable files should preferably be included with a VirusTotal link to prevent the sharing of viruses on Rf. If this is not included, a check will be done by moderators if they so wish, however they reserve the right to delete any uploaded files, with or without checking them for viruses.

Specific file extensions will be deleted on sight, and will result in a ban if seen attached to a post (either via link or direct attachment):

  • .bat
  • .exe
  • .dll
  • .iso
  • .com
  • And any other executable files
This list may be updated as more methods of scamming and viruses are shared.
These rules also apply to PMs, however moderators can't view PMs without reporting them so please use the report tool if necessary!!

Be safe, and make sure to not download random files that people send you on the internet.
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