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Moderation Updates (26/02/21)

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Hello everyone.

Due to recent events and feedback from the community on how we operate things here, I've decided to update you on some specific measures and guidelines that we'll be putting into place to improve the general Roblox Forum experience for all users. These measures will clarify how certain rules work, and what does and does not count as a rule violation specified in our Rules thread.

In order to follow these new measures, please ensure that you are aware of specific situations and guidelines, which will be discussed here:

  • Profile Pictures: Sharing the same profile picture with one or more other users will no longer be permitted. This will be considered under the Impersonation rule. If you share a profile picture with someone, you'll have 24 hours before further moderation action is taken. If you want to discuss this issue further, contact a Head Moderator.

  • The Help/Services sub-forums: Off-topic posting will not be allowed on threads inside non-discussion sub-forums such as Help, Suggestions or elsewhere similar without being considered spam. You also shouldn't reply to threads if you have nothing to contribute to the subject (e.g. replying to help thread saying "Sorry, I can't help"). Remember that these threads should be taken seriously as they make up most of our users' first impressions. So be nice.

  • Alternative accounts: As an addition to our "One account per household" rule, if you are caught making alt accounts while unbanned then you will face punishment. This may vary from one or two warnings to a ban on both accounts, depending on the severity of what the alt account is used for.

  • Inappropriate Profile Media: Including inappropriate media on your profile such as URLs, images or videos as a profile picture, banner or in any custom field may result in you losing rights to customize your profile depending on the amount of infringements after moderator warnings.

  • Media context: Using/sharing media on this platform that references subjects that are inappropriate for Roblox Forum will be recognized and warned. Please remember that the mods aren't dumb, we know what you're talking about and we will not hesitate to warn for it.

  • Off-site conduct: If you fail to show proper behaviour and don't follow the rules while talking to moderators outside Roblox Forum about RF-related issues, it will be noted and may be warned. Be nice!

If you think I've forgotten to mention anything or have any issues about these updates, please PM me about it. I read all of my PMs (unless I really don't want to).
These rules probably won't be added to the Rules thread as most of them are specified in our terms and rules anyway, which you all have hopefully read. :)
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