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Moderation Updates regarding our Rating Systems

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The Baphomet
Head Moderator
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Feb 18, 2018
United Kingdom
From now on, threads about specific individuals on the subject of abusing the rating system (whether that's dislike-spamming or purposely trying to lower your reaction score) will immediately be locked upon notice.

Due to recent situations involving abuse of our rating system, we've had to implement this change. If you have an issue concerning the mentioned issues, please take it up in private conversations with the specific members (or moderators if it gets to carried away). If we reach a verdict on whether or not the perpetrator is guilty, please do not continue to report the issue to us unless it escalates to a large extent.

Multiple threads about dislike-bombing will be considered spam and therefore treated as so.
It's currently a misunderstood issue so please take this information into consideration :)

Edit: Thead is no longer open for questions, PM me :)
Not open for further replies.
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