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Music weekends: The 80's

Week 2's theme

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Feb 26, 2020
South Australia
Today is the first music weekend, the theme is 80's best to worst. The best is footloose from the worst movie: Footloose!
Our next song is 'We built this city'. Fact, this (in 2004) was voted number 1 worst song EVER, but in my eyes its a classic.
the next one is 'The power of love'. I like it because it was from back to the future, a timeless classic the second to last today is holding out for a hero, it appears on regular show, footloose and Shrek 2. It's down low because it unfortunately didn't pass the test of time the last song (the worst of this week) is uptown girl by billy joel, my favorite artist with piano man (now a meme) I'm so sad that I'm putting it as the worst this week. But here our last song this week And this ends the 80's this week. Theres a poll bellow with 3 themes, vote and theres a chance that it'll be next weeks theme! Thanks for joining this week's list of best to worst
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