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My search for a lost sinking ship game

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Apr 10, 2018
I need some help finding this game that I played in June of 2016. I have some pretty bad memory, but I remember finding it on the front page. It was a sinking ship game, and it had "Sinking Ship" in its title but I don't know if there was anything else. The unfortunate part is that I can't remember what the thumbnail for the game looked like. I've been searching for this game on and off for the past few years because it's nostalgic to me. I've played through countless sinking ship games looking for it, I've browsed 2016 Roblox on the Wayback Machine, and I still can't find it. Recently, when I was browsing the Wayback Machine, I found a game under the Naval genre called "Sinking Ship II V0.25." It was the only sinking ship game that was around in June of 2016 that was popular enough to be on the front page, so I tried to find the game on current Roblox to test it. I found a sinking game that I thought was some updated version of Sinking Ship II V0.25, but the problem is that it was created in 2020, not in 2016 or earlier. I skimmed through the developer's profile and could find no trace of Sinking Ship II V0.25. On another note, I can't seem to find any YouTube videos about this game.
TL;DR, I'm stumped.

The reason I'm making this post is to ask for help. I really want to find this game, and possibly play the 2016 version of it. So, I'm going to list everything that I remember so that hopefully somebody will recognize this game. Here we go. First, I remember the player spawning on the mainland. It was a small island if I recall correctly, made of bricks and not terrain. You could walk onto some wooden docks to teleport to a part of the ship. I remember very vividly an area where you could spawn in and drive around a jeep. The first time I played this game, some guy managed to get the jeep onto the ship somehow. It was hilarious. The ship itself was fairly big and was white, though there may have been some other color mixed in like red. But it was primarily white. The lifeboats were orange and were extremely glitchy, it was very difficult to lower them. Unfortunately, I do not remember much else about the ship, other than the fact that it may have had a funnel. And yeah, this is pretty much all that I remember. If anybody recognizes what game this is or feels like what I've described is familiar, please let me know.


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Dec 20, 2020