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MysteryMagicalMyth's Tutorial #6: Being Organized

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Nov 16, 2020
How's it going everyone? MysteryMagicalMyth here with another tutorial. Today I will be teaching you how to stay organized in Roblox Studio. This tutorial is going to be an quick and easy one. Let's hop into Roblox studio.

You know how you build models in the same place as your game. It could look weird with random models scattered around. So the best way to stay organized with model building is creating a model building site. Just like the image below.
Screenshot (56).png

Another way of staying organized is by putting specific models into folders. Here is a picture to help you better understand.
Screenshot (58).png
See how organized that looks. So that if you need to edit a model you can find it through folders.

The last tip with staying organized is by making sure your models are grouped. Make sure the parts that go to a model are grouped together.

I know this was a very quick tutorial. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Also, I hope you know a little bit more about staying organized. Make sure to look back at my other tutorials if you need help.

--MysteryMagicalMyth wasn't here at all.
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