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Dec 28, 2017
Hey guys!
As seen from the title of this forum post, i am in need of a scripter... i already have a builder and im looking for a semi/full skilled scripter to help me create a '' Tower Defence '' game but with a few twists.

* You can show us proof of your work
* Not charge a massive amount for your work
* We pay after you have finished the script(s) but you send screenies first not the actual script
* You are a advanced + scripter
* Must have discord (Our way of contact)

This game will be a fun and unique game with alot of customisation.. we plan to allow players to unlock towers with ''Bux'' they get from winning/participating in games! HOWEVER there is a twist.. you can unlock traps and hills or expansions for your island that you start on to place more towers. There will be multiple gamemodes like Survival (On your own) or Team (Self explanatory) this game may seem VERY similar to the recent game ''tower battles'' but we assure you it will not be.

For more information on price or the game just contact me on discord!
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