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Ok ok I know just read the desc!


Jun 5, 2019
Hey, I need some people to help me script I am also posting a different one on the builders I am making a weird game it involves guns and pies, yeah I know it's weird :P so can someone help me?
PS: I am sorry for taking a long break for the forum... Wait is it ok to say long if it has been a year since I have been here?
Another PS: I also am at max friends so I will make room while you people decide if you want to help if you can.
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  • Cactus Cactus:
    Wait no I don't get it
  • Zanctarian Zanctarian:
    Yo she hot - Yoshi hot.. Now, I bow.
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
  • Zanctarian Zanctarian:
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
  • TechnoTurbo TechnoTurbo:
  • Zanctarian Zanctarian:
    Look at what?
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
    When I press the ESC key to bring up the volume options, the players, to report and all that the panel that occupies the entire screen does not appear and small one appesrs on the left side of the screen
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
    And i dont like that small panel i want the big one
  • Zanctarian Zanctarian:
    If this is a bug not created in Roblox Studio, we can't help you. It sounds like you're talking about the Roblox player.
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
    yes but u know with who can i report this?
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
    I litteraly dont have idea
  • Yejilia Yejilia:
    Ok tsm
  • JacksonGamer100YT JacksonGamer100YT:
    I think I dyed!!!!!
  • Coolcatmomi Coolcatmomi:
    dyed? ur hair?
  • Robloxian091 Robloxian091:
    Am I a admin
  • Robloxian091 Robloxian091:
    Yes or no
  • Robloxian091 Robloxian091:
    I'm new
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    there’s only one active admin on here
  • headquarter8302 headquarter8302:
    yep, 100% right, maybeeeee
  • shadowofdarkness1 shadowofdarkness1:
    hi im new to this my name is shadow
  • shadowofdarkness1 shadowofdarkness1:
    anybody wanna be freind
    shadowofdarkness1 shadowofdarkness1: anybody wanna be freind