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please do not go into games that let you upload a decal.

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Jun 7, 2018
Madrid, España
i am unsure if this is a type of service or anything. but for games like , group recruiting plaza, the streets and others have that feature.
the streets has a spray paint gear that you can put a custom id for a decal. and use it to put a decal into a surface.
the reason behind you should play theese games, is because roblox decal moderation is A W F U L.
the true thing is, when an user uploads an image, it get moderated for about 2-10 minutes.
thing is, you can upload an innapropiate image and put it on theese games.
With innapropiate, i don't mean swear words or any stupid goofy stuff. i mean actual innapropiate decals.
with that, i mean basically everything innapropiate that comes into your head.
yes, that includes very questionable stuff.

people can abuse that power to put a decal with an innapropiate decal and think they are funny. but in fact, they are harming children.
today at 2:15pm or so, i was playing GRP(group recruiting plaza) when i stumbled a weird decal.
I didn't give it much importance, until i really focused on it.
i don't even want to describe how bad that image was. but for safety measures, let's just say
an anime girl that had all of her "stuff" showed.

i wouldnt recommend going into those games, but feel free but, feel free.
i honestly don't want to go into those games. it's all a flip of a coin. but just please take the time to read this post.

roblox is bad

any mod there this is just a warn thread for any people that dont know ok just dont delete it
: )

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