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please rate my game. i took 35 hours straight to make it !!

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Apr 19, 2018
From the Sky
please check my game, The Four Realms by tripwyre4ever. a different twist to adventure and obby , check it out i need any and all feedback
1. It's not the most detailed obby. It's pretty basic and there's a lot of bugs. 4/10

2. Your other roblox game, Battle time, is unironically better than Arsenal. Yes, Arsenal is more polished, but Battle time is more enjoyable. You should focus on updating and improving battle time, as it has a pretty solid start. https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/learn-roblox/all-tutorials You should go there for tips on improving your game. 9/10. Shame it has no players. You should hire more people to work on the game.
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