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Radiant Studios - Looking for Devs.

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Nov 24, 2019
Lately, at Radiant~Studios', we've fallen low on workers (Some have up and left, and some still struggle with us now.)

So here we are -> Radiant Studios' is looking for Members.

Currently we have 3 workers in Radiant~Studios' . Me (Arani) , Kasa and JoeRGO. (These are discord names, not rblx).

We are in need of -> Developers, Modelers, Scripters & A Artist (GFX works fine aswell.)

More info on Radiant~Studios' - > Radiant~Studios' originally opened up for new developers to try and get noticed as games release (Giving new devs a chance to shine for-say). But even though we are new developers, we thrive to create games that would be loved by Robloxians' and enjoyed by everyone.
We are currently working on "The Uprising", a game we wish to see released by NEXT YEAR. We wish to give new creators a chance to get noticed, and with the help of others , we could all possibly achieve that exact goal.

Though there is (sadly, but of course) No pay as of right now. As Radiant~Studios' is a new group of Developers and workers, we cannot afford any types of payment (as of right now - But maybe in the future).

Wish to contact me about joining Radiant~Studios'? DM me (I'll be online all day today).

Thank you for reading ~ Arani
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