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Roblox rubix cube obby game(new update, new levels,bug fixes,etc)

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Apr 29, 2021
Hi 🙋‍♂️ everyone so I made a game a few months ago and just released it a few days ago. I spent weeks and months on it. ⏰ but anyways I have released a update for this game including(more levels,bug fixes,improvements,etc) please check out I have worked very hard on it

game description:

this game is about rubix cubes
you try and beat the game also their is loads of rubix cubes
thats all you need to know.

bages and stuff coming soon

account I made the game on: Tainky1234
message: Guest66666666real1st on roblox for help

game link bellow:



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Mar 24, 2021
I played this game and I'll list the pros and cons:
Pros: Cons:
Has a ok GUI Obby can be completed with little to no skill
Constantly shoving the shop in your face every time you die
The music is so loud that you can here it with low volume on roblox
Grammer mistakes on the GUI
GUI covers other GUI
Sometimes, you'll be teleported to different stages if you die without touching that checkpoint
Gamepasses are useless to get
The obby itself is flawed

I want to give you the benefit of the doubt because maybe you started making games, but it is so obvious you made this for money