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Roblox Support No Help.

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Jan 13, 2021
A few years ago when I was taking a break from roblox my account got hacked and all my big ticket items were traded. Most the accounts that the items were traded to are banned (Dunno if thats good or bad). Ofcourse when I logged back on it was after the 14th day period because I was taking a break from the game. I sent an email to support the night I got on. No help then and recently I am getting waaay back into roblox and not having all these items that I PAID for is killing me. So I thought i'd try a forum to see what my probability of getting my items back. Are they gone forever? Or is there a glimmer of hope with a new contact method to support I can try. I have also been thinking about doing an account rollback with a support member if that even is possible. Appreciate all of you guys' help in advance!
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Feb 1, 2020
Chicago Illinois.
Unfortunately you cannot get those items back. Roblox has a rollback system where you can get a one time rollback.. But I am pretty sure you have a maximum time of a month to do so... It's too late for it. There's nothing you can do.

If you ever take a break from roblox, make sure you at the very minimum sign into your account to check up on things. Because this could've been prevented by just signing on for 1 minute, then signing off.

The account that got banned, was not the main account of the person. It was traded to an alt, eventually it got banned for having poisoned items, and your items are either on the persons main account, or it got deleted.
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