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Rules & Guidelines

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Feb 18, 2018
Corby, UK
Welcome to the Buying/Selling/Trading (BST) sub-forum.
This is the best place in the forum to find potential buyers, get advice in the trading scene and offer your services in exchange for some profit. Due to the fact we want to make this place a great space for members of the forum to communicate with their potential investors, I feel as if I should specify some rules when it comes to posting in this area. Failure to follow these rules will result in post deletion and warnings, so please abide to our guidelines accordingly!

  1. No begging. Everything comes with a price, and the chances of people giving away their products for free is very unlikely. This will be considered spam, so please refrain from attempting to get "donations".
  2. Don't post on a thread if you're not interested in making a deal. People will only be posting here if they're looking for buyers or sellers, so therefore we'll be enforcing the "no off-topic" rule strongly on this sub-forum. You can reply if you want to question the pricing or offer, just make sure you include detail and depthed criticism.
  3. Don't attempt to scam people. The staff team will try to check the legitimacy of threads here as much as they can, and if a deal is confirmed, then the thread will have a message appended to the top of it. We will be checking most deals, and any attempt of scamming our community will be treated seriously.
  4. Don't try to confirm the legitimacy of deals. This will only increase the amount of spam in threads, and the staff team can do a better job at it! If you think a thread is illegitimate after it's confirmed to be legit, contact the Head Moderator and the deals will be re-confirmed.
  5. Give feedback on people! If you strike a deal with someone here, commending them on their profile and on the thread will be much appreciated by them and the community. Even if you had a bad experience with someone, it's still good to leave a comment so people know where they should and shouldn't go for offers.
Additional Information
  • We do not limit what can be bought/sold/traded here in any way. If you wanted to sell ROBLOX accounts for bitcoin, then feel free to do so; remember that ROBLOX's rules aren't our rules so feel free to make any deals here that ROBLOX themselves wouldn't normally allow. (We're not responsible if you're punished on ROBLOX for this! ;))
  • Any sort of payment method will be allowed here. Cryptocurrencies, paypal, bank transfers, etc are not against our rules. Go with whatever floats your boat!
  • You don't need to be buying/selling something to post here! If you're looking for trading advice then here is the best place to post. People will be allowed to give suggestions and ideas for your trades.
These rules and guidelines may be updated based on recent events at any time, with or without warning. As mentioned previously, failure to follow guidelines will result in post deletion and warnings. Keep the BST sub-forum clean!
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