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[SCP] The Foundation

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Jan 4, 2018
Fur elis-I MEAN NOAM.png

Are you a fan of the SCP lore? Do you love original content, a great community, and a job that you can carry out in a facility?
Then worry not, the SCP Foundation is for you.

Now, what do we have to offer?

Currently, our site is still under renovations, and we are planning to release late Feburary...
But, for a limited time until release, we've gathered almost 120 members, and not only that, every person who has joined before release, got to their favourite division without having to do an application.
We have a full-fledged discord, roles, 9 divisions(And counting...), an original site, and a great community.

Joining before release gives you these rewards;
  1. Your pick of your favourite Division to get into, without having to do an application.
  2. A chance to level up your clearance before the site is even out.
  3. A chance for your ideas to be created to reality with the site.
  4. A chance for you to get a high rank in your favourite division.
  5. And a ton more.
Hm? There are a ton of other SCP groups, so why would I ever join yours?

Ah! The Age ol' question. Why would you join our SCPF?
Well, we have an answer just for that.

SCPF groups on roblox are too lore based, they have little to no original content whatsoever, and lack original builds and scripts.
I've seen countless of high-member SCPF groups who have NO Original content, just free models here, there, and everywhere.

Well, we are different, our SCPF group has hired an array of workers, including Scripters, modelers, shirt designers, and more, to create a twist on the original SCPF lore.
This includes:

  1. Original SCP models
  2. Original SCP Scripts, with a twist for each one(and maybe some secrets)
  3. An Original site, created block, by block.
  4. Original guns, animations, etc.
  5. SCP animations, and realistic noises/AI.
  6. Detailed models for everything we have.
  7. A better UI then any SCPF group, for example, a custom Keycard made just for you, and your division, so you don't have to have 300 keycards if you are in 300 divisions
  8. Fairness for class-d's, chances for them to escape and acquire guns from outside bases.
  9. Detailed and custom Armors, shirts, uniforms.
  10. Easter eggs, and secrets.
  11. A ton of features for every SCP that can be testable.
  12. SCP Breach availabilities(without human interaction).
  13. Diseases for MD to cure.
  14. Doors, scanners, containment chambers, that can malfunction, and require E&T to fix.
  15. E&T Fixing minigames, to make it more challenging.(And some secrets implemented there)
  16. And last but not least, CI Raids with explosives, and full out battles with turrets, landmines, etc.
"Woah, that's a lot, but what can I do until the site is out?"

Good question, Let me tell you;

Before the site is out, you can do a ton of things, such as rank up, get into a division, familiarize with the O5s and HRs and members,
Get to know the rules and guidelines, attend trainings and tryouts in temporary sites, and a lot more.

"So what divisions are there, and what do they do?"

Currently, we have the following divisions, and I will also list the ones we will be planning to add:

Scientific Department(ScD) - They are in charge of testing the SCPs Secrets, what they do, etc.

Security Department(SD) - These men are in charge of handling the saftey in tests, foundation personnel, and raids.

Mobile Task Force(MTF) - From Re-containment, to Raiding CI, these group of highly trained men, are used to protect the site from breaches, GOI, and a bunch more.

Ethics Committee and Department of Regulations(EC & DoR) - The Court, and the people who make sure everyone is following guidelines, and saftey procedures, for good tests, and to prevent misuse of any personnel and D-Classes

Internal Security Department(ISD) - [REDACTED]

Rapid Response Team(RRT) - These men are the best fighters in the facility, in charge of protecting the O5 head, and the Administrator from any harm.

Engineering and Technological Services(E&T) - These people are in charge of fixing any malfunctioning equipment, putting on alarms, reparing generators, etc.

Medical Department(MD) - These people fight diseases that spread throughout the whole facility! Go health!

What We are planning to add:

Intelligence Agency(IA) - [REDACTED]

Manufacturing Department(MaD) - Builds, scripts, and models the site.

Department of External Affairs(DEA) - Handles issues with enemies, allies, etc.

So Hopefully we convinced you to join! Feel free to do so at this link:
Jun 8, 2018
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I'm dont play SCP, but im have readed a lot of this game/facility. Maybe in future i will join but everything will happen.


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Mar 5, 2018
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