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Selling Selling my Roblox account

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Jul 28, 2020
Confirmed by a moderator
Selling my roblox account for 29.99 EUR My account contains:

1.On Treasure Hunt Simulator: 150 rebirths,Best Tool(with coins),Best Backpack (with coins), Godly Wings,Sacred Emerald Valkyrie, Sacred Rainbow Shaggy and a lot of Sacred Skins (Rainbow Zebra, Diamond, Molten, Sapphire,Ruby)
2.On Vehicle Simulator: An Superbil Act and a lot more cars that I can't remember.
3.Has Bloxburg with 25-30k and a car (No house tho)
4.Has Treelands (Didn't play it, just bought it)
5.On Strucid : around level 92 I think
6.On Jailbreak: An Ferrari ( with some exclusive spoiler idk i didn't play it in a long time) and some more cars ,all engines, full NOS, and around 40-50k i think
7.On Adopt Me: A Mansion with a car and 3 pets ( 2 maxed out 1 not and maybe an christmas egg idk)
8.On Murder Mystery: The xbox knife and some not rare knives
9.Lumber Tycoon: An not finished 2 story home with garage and small or medium trailers and a medium tier car.
And More!

Other things: An 100 robux mask and an 95 robux hair, The join date is in 2016 Has 400+ badges, Some presets with iRaphahell's Merch in avatar tab, 199 Friends, 9 robux left (i dunno if u should know that but tbh i don't really enjoy roblox to much so yh), Robot Animation.

If you want to buy it DM me and well talk about the payment


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Feb 1, 2020
Chicago Illinois.
Personally in my own opinion (some may disagree) but buying items in games like, bloxburg, adopt me, and jailbreak don't really increase what the account is actually worth.. From what I can see, you have about 238 worth of robux items on your account, I'm not including gamepasses. Some of your shirts are showing nearly 100 robux and I know for a fact that you either are stupid enough to actually buy a shirt for 100 robux, or the owner inflated the price from 5 to nearly 100..

Now your account is worth 238 dollars worth of robux, (excluding in game items and gamepasses because those don't inflate the value on accounts) so I'd say a reasonable price would be around 2.50 cents for your account. In other words, it's worth absolutely nothing.

You don't have a good username, you don't have premium, you have 3 physical hats that you can actually wear on the account, the rest are free. And last but not least it's a 2016 account, so it's still a noob account.

Nobody would buy it for 30 Euros.
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