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Some games i made lol

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May 13, 2019
Good concept for a game but I have some complaints. The map is small and there are only two places where lightning bolts spawn which are out in the open. I think an interesting feature in this game would be to make mini "parkour" obstacles that lead to lightning bolts, such as jumping on blocks to climb up one of those buildings and getting a lightning bolt from up there. I also think the game could benefit from some sort of interaction between players, perhaps a mechanic where you could "steal" speed from another player. Also the game got laggy at points. This game has potential to become a front page game.
A solid tycoon, I don't know what to say about it for improvements. At one point I got stuck in a wall because the speed upgrader made me walk too fast. It was also quite a short tycoon and felt lacking in some areas, maybe there should be a garage where you can buy a tank or a fighter jet. I did however like the aesthetics of it, and it was one of the best tycoons I've played recently.
I appreciate that this is not a recolor or reskin of the Futuristic Warfare Tycoon. This tycoon was a lot slower than the previous I think. The Codes and Shop GUI overlapped the Cash Shop GUI. Also you could add a KO counter on the player board. I don't think the dislike ratio on this game is warranted. Maybe players got confused when the first dropper wasn't dropping anything, not knowing that they were supposed to press the green button.
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