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Some Ubisoft games will shut down soon

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They'll shut down on different dates and won't shut down on all platforms. Here are some from the following dates:

June 1st:
Splinter Cell: Conviction PC
Assassin's Creed 2 PC
Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands PC
Far Cry 2 PC
Anno 1404 PC
Might & Magic – Clash of Heroes PC
The Settlers 7 PC
Might & Magic X - Legacy PC

Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC/X360/PS3
Rainbow Six Lockdown PC/OG Xbox/PS2/GameCube
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC/X360/XBO/PS3
Rainbow Six Vegas PC/PSP/X360/PS3

What WAS shut down:

Shape Up Xbox One
Toy Soldier PC/XBO/PS4
Rayman Legends PC
Rayman Origins PC/X360/PS3
Just Dance Disney Party 2 X360
Far Cry Blood Dragon PC/X360/PS3
Watch Dogs Companion IOS
Just Dance 2014-2018 X360/PC/Wii/PS3
I Am Alive PC
Tom Clancy’s EndWar PC
Splinter Cell Double Agent PC
Assassin's Creed II MAC
Rayman 3 HD PS3/X360
Smurfs 2 PS3
Splinter Cell Blacklist PC
Flashback Origins PC
Assassin's Creed Recollections MAC/IOS
Just Dance 4 WiiU/X360/PS3
Just Dance 3 Greatest Hits X360
Just Dance Disney Party Wii/X360
and much, MUCH more. Going back to 2013 Chaos Theory and Double Agent were shut down on both Xboxes and PC. Conviction and Blacklist have survived almost 10 years on the 360 and have been shut off on the Wii U and PS3. I legit hope they survive for another decade.

You can avoid the shutdown with
Xlink Kai. They keep the servers up/have custom servers that replace the old ones.


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Feb 26, 2020
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I honestly am amazed Rainbow Six: Lockdown has survived almost 20 years online with the PS2/OG Xbox and GameCube.
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